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Support restaurants in the DC, Maryland & Virginia - DMV area with your take out order

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Find restaurants in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC area that are open for business with take out and pick up service.
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What is is a resource for restaurants in the DMV area to transition or focus their business to take out and pick up service.  With technology, restaurants can adapt to the realities of new and emerging quarantine and social distancing standards.          
Restaurants are still serving their customers during this difficult time with COVID-19 and the closing of dine-in services.  Take out and curb side pick up has become the primary source of business until dining rooms are opened up.  Even when dining rooms do open up, the realities of on-going social distancing practices will likely mean that restaurants will need to continue to develop strategies to enhance and highlight take out and pick up service. 
For those restaurants without online ordering services or for those being dependent on delivery services, it is critical to establish and enhance their own take out and pick up capabilities. 


What can provide is here to help restaurants not just survive but to succeed despite the challenges presented by COVID-19. directory free standard listing

- listing of restaurants providing take out and pick up service

> online ordering system

- no per order charges

- promote your own products and services   

- in addition to any existing online ordering systems with delivery services

> mobile walk thru kiosk

- for restaurants without drive thru facilities

- capture incremental business with visibility for foot & vehicle traffic 

> self service kiosk

- use within restaurant to enhance efficiency of existing staff

- facilitate social distancing standards for both customers and staff

> Point of Sale components (POS Portions)

- get just the needed functionalities of a POS system

- available to those with or without a current POS system

> kitchen display system (KDS)

- integrate order information from online & kiosk orders with kitchen staff

- reduce errors eliminating the need to re enter order information

> Remote Mobile Pay

- secure, efficient and convenient way to collect payment from call-in customers 

- minimize time on the phone and minimize mistakes

- receive payment at the of call-in take out orders and allow your customers to pick up & go 

- receive payment at the time of the call-in delivery orders and provide contactless delivery service 


> Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Help in getting greater visibility for your restaurant's online presence

- Focus on providing exposure for your own business


Contact Us

Please let us know if there is anything that we can do as a resource for restaurants in the DMV area.  Whether you would like to be listed on our restaurant directory or need support in setting up a walk thru or self service kiosk, we would love to hear from you.  

Please Let Us Know

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions on any of our available services

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